Yee Leng

Secret super power: Flowing or being in the zone
My spirit animal: "Fire" goat
What to expect in my classes: To listen and take care of your own body.
Best advice: Be yourself!
What I love most about yoga: It is all about self-care.
You might catch me: At an art museum.

Yee Leng is a two-time cancer survivor. After being diagnosed at age 24, she began her quest to discover the mind-body-spirit connection.  Her very first yoga class was in 2005 that eventually brought her to Frog Pond Yoga Centre in Princeton where she received her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2011. Her second news of cancer came at age 48 and she was very grateful and thankful to have yoga with her through treatment and recovery. She credits her practice not only for getting her through the rigors and side effects of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, but also the emotional ups and downs of the disease. Because of her experience with cancer, Yee Leng is drawn to the therapeutic and healing aspects of yoga and meditation.  She believes that everyone can come “home” to their bodies, in any condition; quietly listening to the wisdom within.

Ashley Valeri

Spirit animal: Flamingo
What to expect in my classes: A good time! A little of this, a little of that, and a lot of fun
Best advice: Don’t take anything too seriously
What I love about yoga: The fact that if you let it, yoga will always give you exactly what you need. It always meets you just where you are.
You might catch me: At the beach!

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Instructor Amanda

Amanda T

Secret super power: Staying up late and waking up early
My spirit animal: Fox
What to expect in my classes: Motivation! Modifications and recommendations for beginners as well as more advanced yogis wanting to go deeper
Best advice: Breathe
What I love most about yoga: I love that there is so much to learn and practice within the world of yoga that one can continue studying forever.
You might catch me: Watering flowers in my yard or cooking up something in the kitchen

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