Steven B

Steven B

My secret super power: My secret super power is resilience in body, mind and soul.
My spirit animal: My spirit animal is a Wolverine which has padded feet which always them to walk in the snow, or if you’re a spirit of the Wolverine Birkenstocks.
What to expect in my class: I always bring in breathing work as I believe that limb of yoga doesn’t always necessarily share proper time because of the larger focus on Asana work.Best advice: Make your hands and feet move like what you pray like.
What I love most about yoga: At first it was just the Movement aspect yoga but as time has gone on the community environment that surrounds yoga had taken on a larger meaning.
You might find me: You might also find me on Mt. Wachusett in the dark waiting for the sun to rise!

Steven earned his Master’s in Eng Lit from Fitchburg State in 2003 and currently serves as a board member of The Forge Theater Lab, an FSU Alumni endeavor. While starting a life-changing diet and lifestyle modification on January 1st, 2017, which resulted in a loss of a total of 135 lbs in 13 months, his step-mother was coming to the end of her battle with Ovarian Cancer.

Steven received a call from her days before she passed, 8 months into his journey. She had one last request that he make an honest effort at making yoga a part of his life and left him all her yoga gear. True to her last wish Steven embarked on his yoga journey. After volunteer teaching at the YMCA for a year as a substitute, Steven won a scholarship via Instagram to journey to Morocco in June 2019 to earn 200 hrs YTT through Circasana Yoga. Now his goal is to help others find in yoga something that his mother knew he needed more than him.

Ashley Valeri

Spirit animal: Flamingo
What to expect in my classes: A good time! A little of this, a little of that, and a lot of fun
Best advice: Don’t take anything too seriously
What I love about yoga: The fact that if you let it, yoga will always give you exactly what you need. It always meets you just where you are.
You might catch me: At the beach!

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Jenna M

strong>My secret super power: Is my ability to shift and share my energy.
My spirit animal is: Fox
What you can expect to learn in my classes: Something about your anatomy and physiology in my class.
Best advice:  Take time to notice.
What I love most about yoga is:  It is a healer for  the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.
You might find me: Singing karaoke in a dive bar just about anywhere.

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