Kelsey Rigopoulos


Kelsey graduated from the Coordinated Program in Dietetics of Framingham State University in 2015 and is now a local, outpatient dietitian supporting Young At Heart’s mission. As a Registered Dietitian, she immediately followed her passion working to support people in developing healthy food and body relationships. Her personal background in community education around eating disorders was a small stepping-stone to her current dedication to being a team member to other incredible mental health professionals.

She now hopes to share her advocacy for dispelling diet culture in her newly established Private Practice. As a new Zumba instructor, Kelsey also hopes to spread her love of movement for all bodies equally. Kelsey strives to guide people in understanding more about their relationships with food and body, simply so that they can work toward nourishing all parts of their life.

Yee Leng

Secret super power: Flowing or being in the zone
My spirit animal: “Fire” goat
What to expect in my classes: To listen and take care of your own body.
Best advice: Be yourself!
What I love most about yoga: It is all about self-care.
You might catch me: At an art museum.

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