Gina Wilson

Secret super power: Building people up!
My spirit animal: Eagle
What to expect in my classes: High energy, fun, sweat, and positivity!
Best advice: You will find happiness when you pursue your own purpose.
What I love most about PULSE: PULSE allows participants to work and grow at their own pace, while being surrounded by others in a supportive, encouraging environment.
You might catch me: Working in my garden!

Gina has always been physically active, but her intentional pursuit of health and wellness truly started for me after the loss of a close friend. An overwhelming and consuming depression followed this loss for a period of several months until a friend reached out with an invitation to join a group fitness program. The community, encouragement of the other women in the program made it possible for Gina to stay engaged with a program of physical fitness and healthy eating choices. Ultimately the depression broke. She stayed engaged in exercise and healthy eating and continues to reap the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits today.

Gina is driven to share her story with others and offer them the same avenue of relief, joy, peace, and health that she found through exercise, healthy eating, and a like-minded community. In 2015 Gina became certified with Beachbody and obtained her PiYo Instructor certificate in January of 2018. She obtained her group fitness instructor certification in June of 2018. She is excited to work with the Young At Heart community and serve those who are in pursuit of their own personal health and fitness goals.


Timea Godor

Secret superpower: I can brighten your day instantly
Favorite song:  Miley Cyrus – Party in the USA
What to expect in my classes: Positive energy and lots of laughs
Best advice: Trust your intuition
What I love most about Body Barre: Low impact, no experience needed, have fun and move your body
You might catch me: Hitting the trails or somewhere on the water…daydreaming

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Jenna M

strong>My secret super power: Is my ability to shift and share my energy.
My spirit animal is: Fox
What you can expect to learn in my classes: Something about your anatomy and physiology in my class.
Best advice:  Take time to notice.
What I love most about yoga is:  It is a healer for  the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.
You might find me: Singing karaoke in a dive bar just about anywhere.

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