Ashley Valeri

Spirit animal: Flamingo
What to expect in my classes: A good time! A little of this, a little of that, and a lot of fun
Best advice: Don’t take anything too seriously
What I love about yoga: The fact that if you let it, yoga will always give you exactly what you need. It always meets you just where you are.
You might catch me: At the beach!

Ashley is a 200 Hr RYT from Frog Pong Yoga Centre of Princeton MA. She believes yoga is for everyone and that anyone willing to show up and give it a try will fall in love with what yoga can do for them. “If you can breathe, you can do yoga”

Steven B

Steven B

My secret super power: My secret super power is resilience in body, mind and soul.
My spirit animal: My spirit animal is a Wolverine which has padded feet which always them to walk in the snow, or if you’re a spirit of the Wolverine Birkenstocks.
What to expect in my class: I always bring in breathing work as I believe that limb of yoga doesn’t always necessarily share proper time because of the larger focus on Asana work.Best advice: Make your hands and feet move like what you pray like.
What I love most about yoga: At first it was just the Movement aspect yoga but as time has gone on the community environment that surrounds yoga had taken on a larger meaning.
You might find me: You might also find me on Mt. Wachusett in the dark waiting for the sun to rise!

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Emily Grigos

My secret superpower: Kindness

My spirit animal: I am one part dragonfly and one part cat

What to expect in my class: Stretch and strength

Best advice: When in doubt, go upside down

What I love most about yoga: The way I feel afterward

You might find me: At the beach, in the garden, or under a blanket with a cat on my lap!

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