Amanda Esparza

Secret Super Power: Making hair beautiful
My Spirit Animal: Butterfly
What To Expect in my Classes: You'll feel your muscles burn during class, and you'll probably be sore the next day.
Best Advice: Honor the progression
What I love most about Pilates: Anyone can do Pilates and feel the benefits immediately.
You might Catch me: Drinking hot coffee, even in the summer

Amanda is a full-time hairstylist who was used to working busy 10 hour days on her feet. She found Pilates in 2015 as a way to strengthen her body, ease back pain, increase flexibility, and prevent injury with a physically demanding job. She firmly believes in Joseph Pilates’ philosophy that “Change happens through movement, and movement heals“.

Amanda received her Core Mat I certification from Kim Casto in Harvard, MA, and Core Mat II from Cheryl Turnquist in Providence, RI. Amanda is currently an apprentice in the Power Pilates Comprehensive Program and will complete her 600 hours this year.

Instructor Amanda

Amanda T

Secret super power: Staying up late and waking up early
My spirit animal: Fox
What to expect in my classes: Motivation! Modifications and recommendations for beginners as well as more advanced yogis wanting to go deeper
Best advice: Breathe
What I love most about yoga: I love that there is so much to learn and practice within the world of yoga that one can continue studying forever.
You might catch me: Watering flowers in my yard or cooking up something in the kitchen

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